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How to know that you are dying spiritually.

  • Friday Sept 30 @ 7PM - The Story of the Cross no longer moves you?
  • Saturday Oct 1 @ 6PM - You have left your first love.
  • Sunday Oct 2 @ 9:30AM - Church services bore you.
  • Sunday @10:30AM - You have no interest in saving lost souls.
  • Sunday afternoon after potluck - Do worldly things attract you more than spiritual things?
  • 108 Murray Street, Versailles, Kentucky
  • 859.873.5552

THE TOUCH of the MASTER’S HANDAugust 10, 2016 - Nelson

Many years ago, a major telecommunications company had a catchy advertising slogan that was used extensively on TV commercials. To encourage people to call using their long distance phone service, they urged viewers to “REACH OUT and TOUCH SOMEONE!” They stressed the importance of “contact” to make an emotional connection with people, a connection that would go much deeper than say, merely sending them a card or a note. Probably few who heard these commercials realized that nearly 2000 years before these TV ads, Jesus the Christ understood and practiced “REACHING OUT and TOUCHING” people.

Three New Testament books record a certain miracle which Jesus performed, regarding a man with the horrible disease of leprosy. (See Matthew 8: 2-4; Mark 1: 40-45; and Luke 5: 12-14.) In the first century, leprosy was an incurable disease for doctors and medicines. A person with a bad case of leprosy in essence was under a sentence of death, a slow, agonizing death, as their skin rotted away. Further, because the disease was so contagious, these lepers could not be cared for and comforted by their family and loved ones. They were totally quarantined and isolated from the general population. God commanded Moses in the Old Testament Law that lepers were to be declared “unclean,” isolated outside the camp or the city where they lived, and that these people had to cry, “Unclean! unclean!” if they were approached by any person (Lev. 13: 45-46). Consider the compound agony of suffering a horrible disease, knowing you were going to die, and further, being totally isolated from your family and loved ones as your life slowly ebbed. Leprosy surely impacted a person – physically, mentally and emotionally!

Think about this as you read the Bible passages listed above. Luke tells us this poor man was “full of leprosy” (Luke 5: 12). He had it bad. My guess is he knew he did not have long to live. In desperation, he came to Jesus, knelt before Him, and implored Him (Mark 1: 40). All three gospels tell us this man’s plea – “If You are willing, You can make me clean.” Was this a profound expression of deep faith, or a last-ditch, desperate cry, because the man had nowhere else to turn before death?? The Bible just does not tell us for sure, so each of us is left to our own opinion.

What did this man expect Jesus’ reaction to him would be? This leper undoubtedly was quite familiar with isolation and rejection from most people. We can conclude that he was an Israelite who lived under and knew the Old Testament Law, because Jesus told him later to go show himself to the priest, and offer the sacrifices which Moses had commanded for anyone cleansed of leprosy. But by his coming to Jesus, and not crying out, “Unclean!” as he approached Him, he was breaking the Law of Moses. The man might have expected from Jesus what other religious leaders of that day probably would have done: either, (1) run away from his contagious condition; (2) rebuke and criticize him as a law-breaker; or (3) call the authorities to punish him and force him back into isolation. Note that this man did NOT ask Jesus to make contact with him. He expressed that “IF” Jesus was willing, He could cleanse him from leprosy.

I imagine that what Jesus did in response to the man’s words shocked this leper. Jesus reached out His hand and touched him! Jesus had the power to merely “speak a word” to heal a centurion’s servant (Matt. 8: 8) or to calm a storm-tossed sea (Matt. 8: 26). He did not have to TOUCH this leper to heal him. But Jesus “REACHED OUT and TOUCHED” this man! This “touch” of the Master said A LOT. It said, Jesus is not like the religious leaders of His day – the scribes and Pharisees. It said, Jesus will not treat this poor man as an outcast – someone to avoid or to run from. It said, Jesus accepts him as a fellow Israelite and as one who God loves and with whom God has made a covenant. Yes, Jesus healed this man of his leprosy. But the Master’s TOUCH did a whole lot more that day!

If we would seek to imitate Jesus [and indeed, is that NOT what He asks each of His followers to do? – Luke 10: 37 and Phil. 2: 5], we do not need to wonder, “What would Jesus do” if HE was in our world today? There are so many people hurting physically, mentally and emotionally. Our Master has left us a great example to follow – “REACH OUT and TOUCH SOMEONE!


On behalf of the Versailles church of Christ, we would like to thank you for visiting our website. In addition, we would like to take this opportunity to tell you about our church family and about what you can expect as we worship God together.

We are simply Christians, without ties to any denomination. We believe the Bible is the inspired word of God, and we try to follow it as our only guide in religion. We accept Jesus Christ as Lord and respect His authority.

We have believed the message of the crucified and risen Lord, and now we share it with others. We urge all to accept God’s gift of eternal life in His Son (Romans 6:23). God’s plan for salvation involves…

- Repentance toward God and faith in Jesus Christ (Acts 20:21)
- Confessing Jesus as Lord (Romans 10:10)
- Being baptized into Christ for the remission of sins (Acts 2:38)
- Living a life of faithful service to Christ (Revelation 2:10)

When you visit with us, you will be our honored and respected guest. You will not be embarrassed in any way. In keeping with our effort to carefully follow the Bible, our worship consists only of those activities authorized by command or example in the New Testament.

- On Sunday, the first day of the week, we observe the Lord’s Supper as a memorial to our Savior’s death (Acts 20:7; 1 Corinthians 11:24-26).
- We praise God and edify one another through singing (Colossians 3:16), and offer prayers of supplication and thanksgiving (1 Timothy 2:1-2).
- Through sermons, we hear exhortation to “continue steadfastly in the apostles’ doctrine” (Acts 2:42).
- On Sunday, we take up a collection so members can give as they have purposed in their hearts (1 Corinthians 16:1-2; 2 Corinthians 9:7). As a visitor, you are our guest, so please do not feel under any obligation to give.

In addition to our worship services, we have Bible classes on Sunday morning and Wednesday evening for all ages. Everyone, age one and up, has an opportunity for careful study of God’s Word, and we can provide care for babies upon request. We are blessed to have a group of dedicated men and women who take their teaching of God’s Word seriously and prepare their classes accordingly.

We at Versailles church of Christ seek to serve God, honor Jesus and take as many people with us to Heaven as we can. If you have any questions or concerns, please don’t hesitate to mention them.

We pray that this bit of information will help you decide to worship with us.

In Him Always,
The elders of the church

Versailles Church of Christ • 108 Murray Street • Versailles, Kentucky 40383