Why Versailles Church of Christ?

Over the last several years, my wife April and I have moved from town to town for work several times. We have been in our fair share of churches/congregations. When we moved to Versailles, we started to look for another church. We were searching for a church home. Romans 15:7 states “Wherefore receive one another as Christ also received you, for the glory of God”. What that means to me is that when strangers come to your house of worship, they should feel welcomed. The hospitality that the congregation at Versailles showed to April and me was overwhelming. I cannot begin to recall the number of individuals that introduced themselves to us that first day. And they welcomed us back at every visit. You have heard it from the pulpit before that visitors are “honored” guests. The congregation at Versailles made us feel that we were truly honored guests.

I have read that In the New testament, the literal Greek translation for hospitality is to love strangers. I have seen that hospitality in the form of the work that this congregation does with the hungry in Versailles and the missionary work done abroad. I have heard this love offered in the wisdom of the prayers for the sick. We have experienced that hospitality from the congregation with gracious hand shakes and the Devers’s taking us to lunch to get to know us better.

Looking back, April and I both had built walls around ourselves. A constant stream of new neighbors, co-workers, churches came into our lives without making much of an impact; it really happened without our knowledge. And I confess, as I am writing this, I acknowledge there probably are still some portions of those walls that remain. I can say, however, that this congregation broke through the stronghold of our barriers by being genuine. We are grateful.

Luke 10:27 “Thou shalt love the Lord your God with all thy heart, and all thy soul, and all thy strength, and with all thy mind; and thy neighbors as yourself”. It is my opinion, from Derrick’s sermons, to the many song leaders, from our Shepherds, and throughout the flock, Versailles Church of Christ exhibits this love and this hospitality at every gathering.

April and I are not perfect as we have our flaws. Our jobs pull us in different directions at the worst times. But the whole congregation welcomed us and we are excited to have found a Church Family. There are a lot of things I am not qualified to do in the church. But, we both want to be obedient members and use what limited talents we have here at Versailles.

So why Versailles Church of Christ? Simple, the members, the genuinely loving people here. They are the reason why we chose Versailles Church of Christ.

- LW