Lessons from Granddad and His Sheep - "Protect the Flock"

As I have shared with you in previous articles, my Grandfather Kidder was a farmer, and a shepherd of Merino sheep. “Granddad” kept a flock of about 40 to 50 ewes and one buck sheep on his farm near Cadiz, Ohio. I have many wonderful memories of spending time each summer with my grandparents on that farm - and learning from Granddad and his sheep!
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Lessons From Granddad and His Sheep

The lambs which were orphaned or mal-nourished needed milk, and this is where the Jersey cow became important, even “vital”, to their survival. Read More…

The Shepherd's Voice

Jesus truly understood sheep! And that “great Shepherd of the sheep” truly knows and understands us. “We are His people, and the sheep of his pasture.” (Ps. 100:3) Read More…


"Among the many things I have learned is that we are what we choose to be."
- B. Rains

    Without faith in God, I would be nothing. I would be so scared, knowing I have stage 4 cancer. But, I thank God that I do have faith.

    I had wonderful parents who taught me from a child to love God and live as He would have me live. I was baptized January 12, 1952 when I was thirteen years old.

    Life has been good, and still is. I have experienced many things and I have traveled and seen many places. I have met and known many different people. I have worked at several different jobs. I have had fun, I have loved and been loved, and I have learned so much.

    Among the many things I have learned is that we are what we choose to be. For every twist and turn in my life, I can trace it back to a choice I made. When something has happened that I could not control, I made a choice as to how I would react to the situation. When I learned I have stage 4 cancer, I made a decision to accept the fact that nothing else could be done by the doctor. So I just accept every day the Lord gives me as a special gift and live it the best I can - with God’s guidance and help. So far it has worked!

Why Versailles Church of Christ?

I have read that In the New testament, the literal Greek translation for hospitality is to love strangers. I have seen that hospitality in the form of the work that this congregation does with the hungry in Versailles and the missionary work done abroad. I have heard this love offered in the wisdom of the prayers for the sick. Read More…